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Almond Milk

My wife makes the most delicious almond milk I have ever had.

"I take about a pound of almonds and soak them over night, they plump up. The next day I blanch them (this part is optional, but to tell you the truth, its worth blanching them, otherwise the peel gets caught up in the cheesecloth and it also gives it a different taste) So I blanch them, boil for 1 and half minutes, then put them in ice water, then immediately drain them. You can just push with your thumb and forefinger and the skin pops right off. Super easy, I did a pound in about 15 minutes. Then I put 1 1/2 cups of almonds into the blender, fill up the blender the rest of the way with bottled water, blend on high for about a minute. Then you strain it through a cheese cloth (I also put a little wire strainer under the cheese cloth) then you just move it around and the juice comes through, there will be a big bunch of dry almond, I squeeze the cheese cloth and get every bit of juice out of it. You’ll do a bunch of batches like this, a little time consuming, about an hour total time for everything. I keep rinsing out the cheesecloth and do another little bit. I bought some of those milk jugs from Surfas (restaurant supply store) You can also get those at the container store. I buy my cheesecloth at surfas too. Its seriously the most delicious almond milk ever."

This is the reason I do what I do. It gives me great pleasure and is very rewarding to work with such great people. 

This is the reason I do what I do. It gives me great pleasure and is very rewarding to work with such great people. 

Getting to 170

Training is many times lots of fun. Especially with Chirag. Chirag came to me a few months ago and wanted to gain muscle and size. When he started training with me he was 140 lbs and told me he wanted to reach 170. I told him no problem as long as we worked out hard and he did his part and ate right. So far we’re on our way. Since he’s started he has reached 155 lbs., which is a great accomplishment! Now we got 15 lbs to go and then there’s maintaining the weight and muscle. 

This kind of training is fun. It’s old school lifting, heavy reps and lots and lots of dumbbells.

I read this today and felt it’s power. Thought I’d share. 

1. Determine what outcome you want. 

2. Identify what you need to do to achieve that outcome.

3. Make and work off lists EVERYDAY that bring you closer
to your desired outcome. 

4. Eliminate all negative self talk. 
(while you’re at it, stop associating with negative people in 
your life)

5. Be accountable to others. Tell others your goals and the 
timeline you’re going to achieve them in, and then make it 

Some people call me crazy…..

I’ve been called crazy a few times. Even foolish. Why? When I tell people about how I work out myself and how they can do it too. Yes…… I push myself as far as I can. Sometimes I’ll ride 16 miles. Climb the stairs in Culver City a few times , go for a run down the trail and then ride home another 7 to 8 miles. Yeah! That’s a lot. But the truth is, I’ve worked my way up to that. It didn’t just happen over night, although I wish it did.

Bottom line is, we’re all capable of doing more than what we think we can. So go ahead and go the extra mile , set , rep , etc…… push yourself more than you’re used to. There’s nothing more rewarding than going the extra step and pushing your own boundaries. Believe you me, you’ll feel so good afterwards. 

Everyone wants to lose weight the fast and simple way. But the truth is there’s really no way to get there unless you’re willing to put in the hard work and determination to get there. So the drugs , pills , shakes, meals , etc…… Theirs a good chance they’ll do nothing but curb your appetite and have your body attack muscle and nutrients your body needs rather than going for the fat. 

So put those away. Cut the processed foods out of your diet , eat healthy and start exercising. You’ll be guaranteed to lose a few lbs. drop a size or two and most of all feel better for it. 

This was my mid day snack….. You’d think beets, spinach, tomatoes, carrots and radishes would taste horrible when juiced, but quite frankly they taste awesome together. 

My wife and I saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead a month ago. Its a documentary about a man whom after being overweight and diagnosed with a number of ailments decided to do something about it and so he did. You’ll have to see the documentary for yourself. Basically it’s about fasting with only vegetables and fruits. So the wife and I decided to try it out and fast for 5 days juicing nothing but fruits and vegetables for all our meals. No solid foods. Sounds tough right? Well…. It was! But we trudged on! Day one and two were the toughest, tired and constantly hungry, and quite surprised at the amount of bowel movements I was having. I honestly seemed to be putting out more than was going in. By day 3 I was feeling euphoric, almost in a stoned state of mind. I was really happy but everything was hazy. Day 4 was pretty much the same as day 3 and 2. Day 5 I felt great!!!!

Anyhow….. by the end of the week I felt pretty damn good. Good that I accomplished the 5 day fast and also good for dropping 10 pounds and I felt real light on my feet and full of energy. Basically I felt how I should have been feeling all the time everyday. 

We’re back to solid foods but are combining our meals and snacks with vegetable and fruit juices. And this was what we had today. 

The tire of doom…… This guy is too fun to with play with. Sometimes he’ll get tossed around , pushed down the street , jumped on , kicked and beat with a 20 lbs. sledghammer. You should try him out with me. 

The tire of doom…… This guy is too fun to with play with. Sometimes he’ll get tossed around , pushed down the street , jumped on , kicked and beat with a 20 lbs. sledghammer. You should try him out with me. 

Sounds like you’ve got a case of the MOON-DAYS……

Good chance you’ve heard that before . Feeling sluggish coming back to the office on Monday morning and trying to find the drive to get moving and your only motivation is for quitting time to be around the corner. 

Guaranteed , if you work out regularly you would perceive everyday as just the next because you’ll be feeling good and ready to tackle anything on no matter what day of the week it is. 

So get out there and do some exercise. After all , Why not? What else is there to do after work? Go home and sit on the couch? Boring……. 

Take advantage of every waking moment. Life is great all around. 

New Years GOALS!!!!

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard the same New Year’s resolutions and intentions. 

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to get stronger.”

“I want to quit smoking.”

“I want to eat better.”

“I want to workout more.”

But how many of us actually go through or keep at those resolutions? 

Statistics have shown that 40% to 45% of American adults make one or more New Year’s Resolutions each year. Usually by six months half of those resolutioners are gone by the way side. 

So from now on let’s not set resolutions. Let’s set “GOALS”! 

I for one am ready to start with my “GOALS”! As a personal trainer I intend to set a goal to make more time for myself to workout and train and most of all feel even better than I already do. I also intend to branch my services out more and help more people to get fit and most importantly to feel better about themselves. Because you’ve got to admit. when you work out regularly , eat right and most importantly get plenty of sleep , you feel over all GREAT! 

So I’m here to help everyone and anyone push themselves to the limit. We all have a limit , but through hard work and determination we could always push our limits even further than we’ve ever thought possible. Right? Right.

Contact me now so we can get started on the path to your better life. Together we can set those goals and get you where you need to be: Fit , healthy and most of all Happy! 

I would love nothing more than that. So let’s erase the resolutions and start setting those goals. 



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